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the redesign looks amazing, thank you for adding me!
3 likes exists by the way
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districts 2 years ago

Due to the state of the last districts Discord server, how time consuming it is to run one and the fact that the mods do not personally use Neocities we've decided not to have a server this time around.

districts 2 years ago

You're free to make servers since we can't really stop you but just note that no districts themed server will be recognized officially and the staff will not take part in them.

undoified 2 years ago

Yeah, thats understandable given what i heard about the previous districts server.

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GASP you used the mascot name i recommended!!! heck yeah!!! :D
soups 2 years ago

also i like the new layout!!

districts 2 years ago

Thank you! The name just stuck and we could get a neat little reference out of it too, so congrats on that & thank you again for the suggestion!

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thought of the day: gay girls listed in arles are arlesbians
districts 2 years ago

Yes, here at districts we support people of all sexualities, including Arlesbians.

districts 2 years ago

(Thanks roachparade, very cool)

thanks 4 adding me!~ gonna add a districts button now

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