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I'm super impressed with your extensive site update! It's much cleaner yet it still has a great retro vibe to it!
districts 2 years ago

Thank you! That's exactly what we were going for so it's nice to hear!

One of our comments seems to have disappeared (thanks Kyle) so instead we'll just post this here for everyone: when it comes to how often we update, as per our FAQ: " We update when we update! We don't have an official schedule or anything of the sort."
districts 2 years ago

We'd rather get a decent chunk of sites together than just put up one or two every day. districts has never operated in that way and still will not be. We do not usually give out estimates, but to ease off all of your anticipation this time we're looking at an update in the next couple of weeks or so.

Nice relaunch but I missed it last week. How does one work towards getting listed?
myonlinepityparty 2 years ago

Yes, I would also like to know! :D

districts 2 years ago

This should be answered clearly enough in our FAQ, which points out what we look for in a site and how we search for them; but basically, we dig through Neocities every now and then to look for sites to add, and if we can categorize them, and they have a decent amount of content, they’ll get added to the listings.


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