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in your links sidebar you should probably change "About Us" to "About Us/FAQ" so there's less people asking questions. lol
districts 2 years ago

Thanks for your suggestion but we just think it looks better the way it already is!

jacob07 2 years ago

Almost thought you were talking aout my site, i was like "Wat?, i dont have one of those", cause it was in my feed, but then i saw you were talking to districts

soups 2 years ago

thanks jacob very cool

38cautionzone 2 years ago

For a second, I thought you was talking about my site. Notice you talking to Districts website.

I looked at your website and liked the design, I am trying to build a 90's Yahoo style web portal with neocities search and directory, and web search and directory, The url is, Could you maybe help with the design?
districts 2 years ago

Sorry but we're not looking to work on any more projects right now. Our hands are already full with districts. We wish you luck with your site though!

jacob07 2 years ago

Do you know of anyone who could help?

argh 2 years ago

just look at some old geocities websites on the internet archive or something

jacob07 2 years ago

Found 90's style yahoo on the internet archive, decided to take a few little things from it to modify for my uses

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38cautionzone 2 years ago

Good luck with that! I interesting on what this is.

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