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I am working on a (bootleg) and poorly made competitor to Districts, called 'alley'. Because I really apriciate the work put in Districts and I want to allow the weirder side of neocities on my site
neofur 2 years ago

i hate to be that guy but id really kind of appreciate you didnt do this seeing as youve like gone beyond ‘bootlegging’ it and kind of just slapped a bunch of different colors on the literal actual districts site, a version which is getting scrapped next update and that was made by a bunch of other people at that

neofur 2 years ago

beyond that, we really dont need two districts sites. we have a place for the ~weirder~ sites already. its called purgatory. if you cant get into even purgatory then well, thats kind of on you. we gotta have SOME level of quality control around here or districts will turn into a shit pit faster than you can say ‘drama in the neocities discords’.

neofur 2 years ago

‘I plan on making this page better than Districts, even though I know I can’t!’ please take your own advice. jesus christ.


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