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DISTRICTS REQUEST THREAD - if you want to be on districts, reply to this thread! info is optional, though if you have an idea of where you could go/what you want to highlight on your site, feel free to reply with it!
cadnomori 7 months ago

I'd like to recommend toroinoue and lurk-n-leech for a spot on Districts! They are both deeply committed to making their personal websites a lovely place to visit. I also would like to ask if I could be added to Districts, I maintain a site with anime e-shrines and an extensive library that I feel may fit in Tokyo or Stratford. Thank you!

mugmanfr 7 months ago

My website is about a Web Series Called "Mugman", Even thought my website is french, Adding it in the "Hollywood" would sure make the website and the Web Series Even More Popular... Maybe Somedays, I might add an English Version for the ones who doesn't speak french.

frisout 7 months ago

Hello, I have posted a request below already but I guess I should post another one in the thread now ๐Ÿ˜… I think I would like to be in Arles, although maybe Purgatory would work too? Not too sure, I'm cool with both. The art pages of my site specifically is what I would like to highlight but there's a lot more to find than that ๐Ÿ˜… thank you

phils 7 months ago

I'd like to be added! I think I could go in Arles, Stratford, and/or maybe Prugatory, whatever you think is best ^^ Thank you!

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eatyourburger 7 months ago

I'd like to be added, too. My generally informational content would probably work best on Oxford. However, I do not care all too much where I am put, including not on your site at all.

soupycartoon 7 months ago

I would like to be in purgatory (on districts)

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pastelshoal 7 months ago

Hey, I'd like to be added wherever you think is most appropriate! Most of the site is either a blog, or features visual art I've done such as photography or videography.

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atomicgothic 7 months ago

Thank you so much for adding this thread and for all the hard work you do to update Districts!!! My site ATOMICGOTHIC hosts my webcomic, artwork, and interesting things I find relating to atomic/nuclear history. I feel like it would best fit in Arles! My site buttons are on my index page as well as my homepage. Thank you again!

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bikobatanari 7 months ago

hey, thank you for your hard work running districts! it would be neat to see my site in arles and/or stratford. thanks!

danilandia 6 months ago

I'd like to be added under Arles! My site is an archive of my digital paintings, video games, video projects, etc. :) (I also have a site button if u have the time to add that). Thanks!!

otaking 6 months ago

I would like to be added too. Most of my site are blogs and anime reviews.

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kafkapolis 6 months ago

i'd like to be added on districts (unless im already there HAHA)! im not sure where id fit, but maybe in the Purgatory district ^^ mine's a personal site where i cry over my ocs or personal site of that one UTAU user

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al1-ce 6 months ago

I'd like to be on Tokyo please

seppy 6 months ago

hey, i'm already on districts (i was beetletee, i'm still in arles) but i'm doing a major revamp (including name and content, i believe i'll still qualify for arles, though) and was wondering if my listing could be updated? thanks :] i apologize if this is the wrong place to comment, i wasn't sure where else to ask!

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cackldemonsam 6 months ago

I would like to request the addition of my website! If you do, add it to the "Hollywood" section. I maintain a 90's based website with various animations and stuff.

quikscript 6 months ago

Hi. My website is called "Quikscript Outpost." It is about the Quikscript alphabet which is an alternate English alphabet. It has free Truetype fonts, javascript activities, a tutorial, texts written in Quikscript & links to other Quikscript resources. It is updated regularly & would probably reside in the "Stratford-upon-Avon" district. Thank you.

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peelopaalu 6 months ago

Hey there, I noticed that you added Peelopaalu to districts under "Silicon Valley" but it shares the same description as Productive Rage's site and lacks a button (you can grab one from here if you like!: - Assumed this must have been a mistake/placeholder for the time being, but figured I'd point it out anyway! Glad to see you guys are active again.

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angelsofeva 6 months ago

Hello! I'd like to be added. My site ( is a resurrected fansite I made back in the early 2000s dedicated to the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you could add it to the "Tokyo" district please! Thank you! - Jordan

segasonicwebsite 6 months ago

I'd like to request my website. It is quite a wierd one tho. Not only it is gaming, but also art and other stuff. It sorta feels like it is in a middle ground. Maybe purgatory works.

trashguts 6 months ago

hi! my website is for hosting a slice of life/journalling comic, would it be possible for it to be added (probably to arles, i guess)? :)

keysklubhouse 6 months ago

Hello! My site is a bit of everything, so it may only fit in Purgatory, lol. But I'd love to be added! I have a blog, shrines, graphics (including original art), and my personal favorite page is my "irl collections" page where I document my various collections.

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spicyyeti 6 months ago

id like to submit my site and ranfren to Purgatory pl0x

karasuchan 6 months ago

I would like to have my site added, if possible! It's mostly art & graphics :)

leii 5 months ago

Can i be added to tokyo @

whitedesert 5 months ago

Hi! I'd like to request to be added, probably to Arcadia though I'm not entirely sure. My site is a collection of horror and surrealism--mostly games at the moment, but I've also added ARGs and some videos/films, as well as my original writing (includes my takes on the media I've added to the site + some of my original writing)! Maybe it could fit into Stratford too? I'm not sure haha

meowco 5 months ago

I'd like to be a part of districts! I mostly talk about my original series and whatever stuff I'm into.

rania04 5 months ago

Hi! can I be added to purgatory? My website is just a free for all made to feel like the 2000s. I update often. Thanks!

greedylizard 5 months ago

I would like to see my website added. It is called The Labyrinth of Yggdrasil, and it compiles in-game data from the Etrian Odyssey series of dungeon crawler RPGs. It would fit in well with the Arcadia district.

traincar 5 months ago

hello! my site is mainly dedicated to my art and characters, with some miscellaneous stuff mixed in- i'd love it if you could consider it for a spot on the arles district, thanks!

punkedwerewolf 5 months ago

could i be added to the purgatory section of your website? i have a site button if you want to add that

vhs-maronite 4 months ago

I would like to be added to the Stratford-Upon-Avon listing, as my page is very writing-focused. I also have a site button for you to use, if you need one. Thank you.

shoben 4 months ago

I'd like to be added to Purgatory. Thank you.

tangotrail 4 months ago

hiii!!!! i feel like now is a more than ever appropriate time to request that my site be added to arles? description is totally up to you. i love how you choose to describe some peoples websites listed on districts. ((((on the home page, i have a site button. just a heads up))))))) ^_^

tangotrail 4 months ago


samplade 4 months ago

Hello. I would like to be added to districts. My site isnt very polished but i think people will enjoy it. I am still updating it daily. :)

linneahayes 4 months ago

Hi, I am an artist and teaching myself how to code! My website isn't great but i'd love to be added or if anyone just wanted to check my art out :')))

gurjinter 4 months ago

rev up those request adders, because my website is going to purgatory!

xxhalfemptyxx 4 months ago

my site is a site that is a blog, a simple blog, once you come in you are immediately immersed into the site, it is cozy despite its darkness, it also has a shop which is called a sari sari store built in, i am working on it currently to improve it.

ochi-2002gutz 4 months ago

Hi ! My site was previously Ochiyaalien but I've changed my site address a bit ago and was wondering if you could update my listing ^^ I'm in Arles

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playmobean 4 months ago

Hello! I'd love to be on districts, Arcadia seems to be my alley! Amazing portal you have, thank you for keeping it up <3

retrogamer 3 months ago

Hi, I'd like to be part of district! I think I could fit pretty well in Arcadia, Thank you!

sunnyformula 3 months ago

Hi I'd like to be added on districts! My site usually focuses on sharing fun educational articles, so maybe I'd say it's oxford?

rnd 3 months ago

Hello! My website as a whole doesn't have a theme, but the "lipu sona pona" section of it -- which is an unofficial course on the minimalist conlang "toki pona" as well as a small collection of texts and resources _in_ that language -- could probably fit into the "Oxford" category for educational content?

44nifty 3 months ago

hi!!! can i be added please? i don't know where i'd land though

confounding-tales-magazine 3 months ago

Can I be in Stratford-upon-Avon? I write sci-fi on my website.

hasrolypolys2beenfoundyet 3 months ago

Hi, I would be pleasant if you add my website to Purgatory. Hopefully one day a disk image of game will be found.

roly 3 months ago

My website is about talking about bugs and stuff, so I would want my website on Petsburg.

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411 3 months ago

Hello! Could I be added? I focus on opinion/thought pieces and sharing my artwork, so I suppose Arles is the right district for me. Even if I don't get included, have a great day!

necogames 3 months ago

I would like my site to be added to purgatory, silicon valley, or arcadia please! thanks!

geouniversal 3 months ago

could i be added to silicon valley please? tagline just needs to say "everywhere is .:. space" i'd like this button to be used please!

overlordofships 3 months ago

Well it was mentioned that you don't do "About" pages, idk if walkthroughs for game mods count as such but if not I would love to have my website on Districts :3

perfectduel 2 months ago I would like to request a link post for my Yu-Gi-Oh! anime site? Thanks!

severe 2 months ago

May I get added to Arles? I'm a digital + traditional artist with my art under the media section in my personal site!

laguerreestfinie 2 months ago

hey um... i'm already on districts (as potassiummcr) but i changed the link to my website so i'm simply asking for the url to be updated! thanks! (also the theme of my website has slightly changed to make room for more of my art but silver lake is still fine.)

xxhalfemptyxx 2 months ago

my website is Xx halfempty xX.

basedworld 2 months ago

I would like to submit BASEDWORLD to Stratford-upon-Avon. BASEDWORLD is a host site for user-submitted articles with an emphasis on open information, freedom of speech, and substantive writing.

grimnephelim 2 months ago

my sites mostly an emo myspace hellhole (i.e. purgatory worthy) but if if my layout or site name is a little iffy i understand LOL

vgaa 2 months ago The Video Game Article Archive. Alphabetized links to articles, plus a few I've written myself.

thevold 2 months ago

hey there, districts! I do not know if Iโ€™m Neocities worthy yet, but I am interested in being in districts myself. the website I own is a small website about fictional storyโ€™s, art, and general website stuff. It would be fun to be on districts (aka the site I absolutely love and adore!), please consider my recommendation

nailgun 2 months ago

hello! I'm a growing site archiving my art, and I'd like to be placed in arles please! :D Thank you for considering it :3

againstmodernbrowsers 2 months ago

My website promotes alternative web browsers. The web should have remained simple and community-driven. It would fit well in Silicon Valley.

thebakokid 1 month ago

I would reccomend (my other site :) ) because it talks about cats (Petsburg) and Deltarune and chess (Arcadia))

nixsearch 1 month ago

I post my website! is a general piracy seeker with an arcade part

thegorkhonarchives 1 month ago

hiya, i'd like to request my site be added to the arcadia district :^) i run a fansite for a game called pathologic where i host alot of resources including game analysis, official soundtracks, and more along with some fan content (like my own fanart!)

rondowiki 1 month ago

My website is a bilingual (English-Japanese) wiki for the 2007 video game Rondo of Swords. I'd like to be added to Arcadia when you get the chance.

vaea-v 1 month ago

Vaea would like to make a request to be added. Vaea primarily hosts a journal on its site, but hopes to eventually add more content. It hopes that's enough for the site to count as more than just an about page for now.

jessiespizza 1 month ago

i cooka da pizza

p201movies 2 weeks ago

I'd like to be on the Sillicon Valley page, because the main theme of my page is computers

ophanimkei 2 weeks ago

Hi!! I'd love to join Arles! my site is for talking about my art and characters and projects and stuff!! <3 my site buttons are on my entrance page but you can just add the one on my home page if you want ! Thank you for making this thread!!

widepop 1 week ago

I'd love to be added! Not sure where to go, but my site is basically randomness. Here's the URL -

tabbygarf 1 week ago

Hello! I'd like to be in Silver Lake please!

trebleknight 1 week ago

Hey! It would be really cool if my website could be in your hollywood district. Thanks!

stonedaimuser 1 week ago

I would like to be added or thanks my site is similar to yours

theskysofnow 1 week ago

My website is all about SSTV. i feel like my website could be added to arles.

sheepboy 5 days ago

Yo!! I think my website should be added to the arles or tokyo district. Why? My websites about many things including art and animation ( also a tad bit of anime , I def might add more soon though ). I believe that I'd be more motivated in learning / being better at some new or old skills such as japanese, animation and web desgin if more people saw my work. Thatโ€™s all, thanks for reading :D

cobradile 4 days ago

I've been working to recreate the classic MacOS look on my site, and also include lists of useful tools for things like game dev, web exploring and other things! I'm also a language nut, so naturally, my site is available in a few of them!

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