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I am still here just incredibly mentally ill.
your site is super cute and the links are fun! i dont think the games can run on my shitty toshiba rn but im sure they rock.
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ophanimkei 1 month ago

thank you so much :D !!

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also im not a freak jonah and adams vas r okay with stuff like this! j's read jonadam fic once on live lmfao
look all jokes aside i am sorry im never active, this little computer is so slow and it pisses me off everytime i try to use it
yall ready for the MANDELA CATALOGUE POEM???
update: my dad found an old toshiba. the top is sticky and the residue wont come off, and i have to copy paste all my ws because the key is broken, but it seems torun rpgmaker games and connects just fine. At least I'll be able to update better from here and interact with sites again.
deadgirlpoetry 2 months ago

time to see if i can get qbittorrent to run on this thing

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owlcollective 2 months ago

I've got a laptop with a broken X key. I made a shortcut to get around it: alt c types an X. May be an option to avoid pasting w all the time.


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