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I heard heathers the musical for the first time and I can't stop listening to it
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I'm debating on whether or not i should bring back the Comic Sans.
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dastardlydude98 2 years ago

I mean I liked it but some people didnt

georgefoodreviews 2 years ago

Comic sans is kind of an automatic cringe these days, but you do you

Should I add my old banner back to the main page ot leave it in the legacy site only?
dastardlydude98 2 years ago

Because I liked it (and the comic sans) but I don't know how much of an eyesore it is

joppiesaus 2 years ago

i liked it but a new one could also work

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Okay guys
dastardlydude98 2 years ago

I'm gonna start rewriting my site

dastardlydude98 2 years ago

like i said i would 2 months ago

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