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Hi, I absolutely love your site! Nice to see another occultist. :)
cyberwitch 2 months ago

thank you! love the look of yours :)

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contradiction 2 months ago

aaaaa this is so cool!

Welcome to Athens! Your site is now listed in the Residential District:
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thanks for the follow <3 find your transhumanist ideas very interesting new and refreshing <3
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cyberwitch 2 months ago

you're welcome and thank you, i'm glad! :)

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Just saw your website. I like your Old Web shrine and agree with the sentiment. Thank you for the follow!
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cyberwitch 2 months ago

you're welcome, and thanks for the follow back! your site is very informative and entertaining. i'm also an introvert who cannot imagine sharing my home with another person haha.

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koshka 2 months ago

Thank you for the kind words! Yeah I don't know how other people do it. My home is the sanctum that protects me from having to interact with other people. I'd truly snap if I had to deal with one or more of them even here.

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