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I want a whole new site but I feel so uninspiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddugggggggggghhhhhhhhhh
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cybervamp 1 year ago

I'm really over the purple layout but idk what else to doooo. My css is broken and i dun wanna fix it.

flamedfury 1 year ago

time to get stuck into some new music or something and get inspired :D

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triptych 1 year ago

Maybe check out other sites on neocities, or sites like or

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My god, I made a Twitter to follow some erotic horror artists (since it seems to be the only place that lets NSFW artists exist in peace these days) and it's already an overwhelming, soul sucking void.
haxrelm 1 year ago

Shit, is Twitter taking out NSFW artists now?

joppiesaus 1 year ago

not afaik, i think neongarden means that twitter is a place with an overwhelming amount of posts, opinions etcetera idk

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