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cyberangeldust 4 days ago

yeah, totally didn't forget i was in the neocreatives webring for a few weeks ^^; i may be stupid lol

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Wellp, finally got around to removing the blinkies from the top of my page! They were cute, but they definitely didn't fit the theme. So, we got a new header image! And a new favicon! And stuff! Woo! :D
cyberangeldust 1 month ago

Don't know exactly when I'm going to fill out this page, BUT it's for another one of my fursonas. This one's pretty old, from about... 2015...? I wanna say? ono

Judaz is DONE thank Christ akjhdkasj... gonna actually get some art done now
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I forgot I actually had any interesting storyline for Judaz, and boy am I glad I do because I have been struggling trying to make this dumb bird work... his page should be done today
Actually made pages for my projects :P currently filling out the Klayverse junk. Having to actually *write* character bios is a bit crummy, but I'm getting there!
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cyberangeldust 1 month ago

Brb kicking myself in the face for not writing these down before. Agh

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