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I've been very inactive due to MDD and cringe life stuff. No clue when I'll update again but yeah. See you then.
Just wanted to say your guestbook isn't working, it says "Error The administrators or owner of this guestbook are not allowed to link the guestbook via HTTPS (SSL) unless they have a premium account. Please visit the guestbook at instead. " but the link doesn't work. Yea
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toadtoadtoad 1 month ago

oh oof :( thanks for letting me know! I'll see what I can do

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toadtoadtoad 1 month ago

ok I am honestly not sure what to do :(( the link works for me but idk if that's just cause I'm the admin. If anyone else reading this has had the same problem, lmk.

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koinuko 1 month ago

I just checked via the regular link and it was working for me, so I don't know if it was just a temporary issue on their server or something else? But as of right now for me, it was fine - I am on mobile though, idk if that would have any effect on things!

galactixstar 1 month ago

Glad it's not just me having those problems! I wonder if this is a specific problem with Firefox because this has been showing for all the guestbooks I visit.

bright-eyes 1 month ago

Try it in different browsers. Not all browsers are compatible with every code and there are some websites that I can't log into, make purchases from, etc, depending on the browser.


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