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hi :-) I read ur page & had the feeling you would like this ... .... BASICALLY just some of the stuff it says about how the cultural reset of post ww2 germany brought the onset of this unforseen era of electronic music exploration and things like that and the stuff on your interests page made me think it would be interesting to you cuz it is to me. Also u r really bomb at animating
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Freddi is cute, but why does he look like a cute female to me? Perhaps he's male at birth but wants to be female?
cmy2k 3 weeks ago

haha no, Freddi is a cis boy, his design inspiration comes from a lot of old anime like astro boy and the works of osamu tezuka :) it must me his long lashes, in the west this is interpreted as femenine, but in the east like in japan adding eyelashes is intended to make a character look young and cute.

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weedeater 3 weeks ago

I'm cis male too, and I appreciate how you were actually trying to associate an eastern style with an otherwise European-looking character (especially in the name too).

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