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Oh I love the recent updates! :D
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cicadoidea 11 hours ago

Thank you!! We've been working hard on it, so happy others like it :D

I think the index page is finally done. Hopefully the other pages won't take as long.
Is a sticky navbar worth it? I already have a back to top button... -_-;
silverheart 22 hours ago

maybe personal taste tbh, it's something i absolutely love and greatly prefer to having to click back every time to reach the navigation point, though even then it's not the end of the world to me if i have to click through to a nav page either

silverheart 22 hours ago

oh wait i think i misunderstood what you said initially... idk i also like sticky nav and found it pretty easy to implement but ymmv as every personal site is built different. worth trying to do i feel, even if it doesn't work out for your site you can say you tried it

min min min... was updated.
3 days ago
cicadoidea 3 days ago

I think I did it *eye twitches*

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