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chapelofthebeast 1 day ago

new art. note: my site's not for kiddos

jesuisordure 1 day ago

'whaaaat if rich white straight men didn't rule the world anymore...' hoping you get what you need on all levels. bodies should be temples, not prisons.

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jesuisordure 5 days ago

'devil's fork mushrooms' are god-tier fried food, even if they cause 2nd degree burns to you mouth. have you ever added a little fine cornmeal? it gives the cronch

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chapelofthebeast 5 days ago

@jesuisordure ah damn, looks like their isn't a proper reply option lol. and never heard of this! Seems like duckduckgo's giving me one recipe called such a thing. is there a another name that goes by? also OHHHH a bit of corn meal sounds like an awesome idea, almost sounds like it'd give it a slight corn dog kind of textural quality 👀👀

Awesome site design and content, some cool art too! Linked/buttoned back, cheers!
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chapelofthebeast 5 days ago

thank you kindly! also I love the blue you chose for your site, it's very blue raspberry in the best way 😎

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