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3 days ago
bugland 3 days ago

jc pointed out that this had been inactive, so here's some stuff. i have a few more drawings which i could add, but rn i can't be assed to find another four. enjoy

spacemako 3 days ago

Beautiful art! The links to yr drawings from this year appear to be broken, though )

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spacemako 3 days ago

Also,that deer is beautifuuuul!

bugland 3 days ago

@spacemako: fixed, thank you for pointing out! i'm glad you like them, the deer is one of my favourites i've ever done still honestly ^_^

jcbug 2 days ago

:-000 Amazing stuff! Glad to see you upload here again, I always enjoy looking at your art.

oh man, you have a gorgeous start to a page here. i guess i'm biased, but i especially love the lil roach and fly... i look forward to seeing more.

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