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if you want and you can, please send me some screenshots of my website from your browser. just want to see if i really should rethink its design
I give up; I must know all the information you have produced about me and the Tao of Mario.
btnsmshr 1 year ago

feel free to criticise my review however you want

kratzen 1 year ago

Great, see you tomorrow then!

hey froge! do you have an instagram account? i'd like to know so i could tag you while posting my tao of mario mini-review zine made for a zine challenge there (if you don't then it's okay, tags are optional after all)
kratzen 1 year ago

It looks like the critic is now the criticised...................... I was told that Instagram was responsible for the devaluation of natural beauty and normal attention spans in the minds of hundreds of thousands of impressionable teenagers, so I don’t use any of those proprietary addiction services.

btnsmshr 1 year ago

oh well, then that means i have to go and advertise your awesome book without you knowing

hi there! thanks so much for the follow, i hope you enjoy my site~! ^^ good luck on working on your own site! i look forward to seeing it!
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btnsmshr 1 year ago

thanks, and i look forward for more awesome shrines from you!

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