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for those who can't click on buttons on my website here is a thread with the links to the secret pages you can access by clicking on those buttons (in progress)
btnsmshr 4 hours ago - A button: a gallery of neko atsume screenshots

btnsmshr 4 hours ago - B button: cream lemon's naomi hasegawa(i think that's her name??) with moonlight sonata playing in the bg

btnsmshr 4 hours ago - X button: secret waifu page (CONTAINS GAME SPOILERS)

btnsmshr 4 hours ago - Y button: "Nothing interesting in here" written in Silent Hill's font

btnsmshr 4 hours ago -Up on D-Pad: empty art request gallery

btnsmshr 4 hours ago - Left on D-Pad: some stuff i made that you can download and use

btnsmshr 4 hours ago - Right on D-Pad: dream diary blog

btnsmshr 4 hours ago - Down on D-Pad: a micro blog with rants about stuff

btnsmshr 4 hours ago - SELECT button: a picture of lain in the rain

btnsmshr 4 hours ago - POWER button: error message and creepy spark brushel image

btnsmshr 4 hours ago

START button: just redirects to home screen nothing interesting

btnsmshr 4 hours ago - ultra secret page you could've only found out about if you checked your browser's console while browsing my website lol

hi and sorry for accidentally deleting your comment on my profile page... i just wanted to reply and say thank you for your comment but i clicked on 'delete' instead...... so sorry.........
hello everyone! sorry for my absence and thank you for enjoying my website so far! this summer i would really like to rework my website a bit. i'm thinking of replacing most of the assets with custom ones and perhaps even creating a separate website for my drawings and projects(spoiler: video games. duh). until then, i'm planning on updating the artwork page with some of my recent drawings. stay tuned~
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