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woah 40 followers! thank you guys a lot! now be prepared for that new 40-follow special anime page i promised and you all chose in my poll. just a lil warning - there will be lots of awful stuff. you've been warned.
btnsmshr 3 days ago

i'll probably add something else from the poll like uh music and goodies i think

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btnsmshr 2 weeks ago

why did nobody tell me this wasn't working

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small poll on what would you like to see on my website for 40 follower special - like the comment of mine with the idea you like the most
btnsmshr 2 weeks ago

a) a new page with useless info (spoilers: something about awful anime)

btnsmshr 2 weeks ago

b) some useless new goodies on my goodies page

btnsmshr 2 weeks ago

c) some random midis of unknown origin to be put and played on the main page

btnsmshr 2 weeks ago

d) new design??

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