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bikobatanari 8 months ago

inktober is over. i just want to sleep, honestly. eugh

diarium 8 months ago

Roof(Day 13) is amazing!

bikobatanari 8 months ago

@diarium thanks. it was also the most painful one out of all 31 entries lol

yinnaria 8 months ago

It's hard to pick any out, because they're all lovely, but I like 3, 4 and 7 a lot in particular. The way you draw faces is really nice. Day 28 has to be the best, though. Hands down. (I'm definitely not biased.)

I just found out today that, Facebook's sad excuse of a platform to bring back the Old Web, died... 5 months ago; only lasted for 10 months. It was to be expected, honestly. Good riddance.
murid 8 months ago

They're doing bootleg Second Life now.

bikobatanari 8 months ago

@murid When going retro fails, I suppose going full on dystopia on us is the next option. For the uninitiated:

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thmnwhhsfld 8 months ago

Oh no... They're creating Hell...

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arkmsworld 8 months ago

Well, Demolition Man is set in 2032, so the whole VR metaverse thing is right on time. :P

arkmsworld 8 months ago

Now, if Taco Bell can just win the Franchise Wars....

nohappynonsense 8 months ago

something something, the three shells...

bikobatanari 8 months ago

Honestly it's as if these megacorporations consume every cyber-dystopic novel/movie and think "now THIS is where we want to take humanity". Great job, guys. Fantastic work.

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bikobatanari 8 months ago

I made a microblog that is basically a mockup of Twitter, which I've lovingly called "Bitter". The HTML code is free to use for your own site, but I have no guarantees that it'll work straight away :)

disc-content 8 months ago

This is great!


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