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murid 4 months ago

One thing that I've discovered myself is that it's easier to learn anatomy with real 3D objects, there's something that just clicks more when you can see it from many different angles compared to just referring to books, videos and photos.

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murid 4 months ago

Also the more I draw, the more I realise that you only need to learn as much anatomy as you need. If you want to draw Roman sculptures or superheroes, you need to do all those muscle studies. But if it's a clothed figure or just a normal person, a lot of that is hidden under cloth or layers of fat. I feel like a lot of the time I invested in learning all those muscles isn't as useful for the art that I want to make.

bikobatanari 4 months ago

@murid I agree with you that studying from real 3D objects is much better for learning, but the number one issue with this (especially with anatomical studies) is accessibility. Using one's own body to study it is rather limiting, and it isn't within the means (in time and/or money) for most people to go see live models just to learn it. It's not the "best" method to learn from 2D media, but it beats nothing at all.

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bikobatanari 4 months ago

And I'm well aware that certain levels of anatomical knowledge can be rather impractical, and I agree that it really depends on what you're trying to create. I do have the problem of being unable to apply anything that I don't fully understand, so even though not all of the muscles will be visible, going more in-depth has helped the process more than only knowing the minimum knowledge required to get the end result.

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murid 4 months ago

I've used sculptures and busts as study material before, those are relatively accessible 3D objects. I've seen cheap small reproductions that are useful for personal study..

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bikobatanari 4 months ago

I completely forgot about those types of anatomical models until you mentioned it! My bad. I'll consider getting some of those when I get into the studies more. Thanks for the tip.

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kktk 4 months ago

I love anatomy! I will say though, one of the main reasons I learned it was to further my shape design. Yes, it does take a *lot* of repetition, but it pays in dividends when you finally understand something like a bridgman or master sketchbook. Also, studying yourself (naked, of course) in front of a mirror is actually not that bad of an idea, it somewhat grounds me in reality from all the 2D drawings and 3D models.

omoulo 5 months ago

loved this new article - i also work in a very similar way to ur 3 sketchbook system, the 3 categories are done+gathered in all different places! ive also loved watching ur art grow over the past year, thank u for posting so much of ur journey here :o) have a lovely day<3

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corq 5 months ago

I finally got myself an art binder this year. I would say I have a similar system. It really helps storage wise having a binder too.

bikobatanari 5 months ago

uhh you may need to clear your cache to see some additions to the stylesheet properly :s

arkvain 5 months ago

felt that tweet (bweet?) a lot. Got plently of stuff I'd like to write.. ummm working on it

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