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hi everyone! i'm thinking about deleting this site cause i really have no motivation or time to continue with it. i don't even have a computer to use. i'll give it a few days so everyone can see this, then i'll delete. it's been fun, i just can't keep up anymore..!
beetletee 2 months ago

if anyone needs to contact me or wants to keep in touch, my discord is joseph#4778 (i'm not great with conversations at first so just a heads up) thank you everybody!! have a nice day

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roseknight 2 months ago

oh dear :( sad to see you go!

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petscop-forensics 2 months ago

Sorry to see you go. Happy trails!

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tinypaws 1 month ago

It sucks to see this but i understand. take care out there!

0_0 /) hi thanks for following
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beetletee 2 months ago

youre welcome!!

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