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I really need to update my collectibles pages. I have several new items but I haven't had a moment to update them oof. I am currently remodeling the entire site so in v3 they will be present!
My friends and I have been making Batman OCs lately! I love mine very much and I am so excited to share her with all of you once I have developed her enough.
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Going to completely remodel this website when I get around to it. I have been extremely busy with college and work so I apologize for the lack of updates. ^^ My plan for this website is to base it solely around Batman as he is my favorite character. I like Harley and ship her with Batman, but I feel like the url is misleading since I don't plan on making much content only about her.
90sbatman 7 months ago

In the meantime I am typing up my review for the BTAS second episode!

Reviewing every episode of BTAS from start to finish! Here is the review for episode 1:
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Considering changing up the site’s layout and removing the Harley Quinn aspect from the theme. Of course I’ll keep up my pagedoll and I still adore Batman x Harley but I don’t care about her enough to actually create content based only around her.
I think I’m finally going to power through and finish writing my Batman: The Killing Joke review sometime soon. I also need to finish Harleen since I’ve started a review for it as well.
As I said on my recent Batman Returns review, I was joking about Batman being on the autism spectrum since he seemed so awkward. I was actually talking about it with my friend at school and, shockingly enough, I actually really headcanon him to have autism now. I think I want to write up my headcanon sometime when I’m not too busy :).
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90sbatman 8 months ago

I also really want to write some shipping headcanons in the future too (mostly for Joker x Batgirl, Harley x Batman, and Batgirl x Batman)

1 like FIRST REVIEW!!! Finally got something new. I watched Batman Returns with my friend and I wanted to type up a review while everything was still fresh in my mind. Thank God I did not wait until tomorrow or else I would have probably lost inspiration.
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