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5 months ago
90sbatman 5 months ago

I really need to come up with a way to get back to the homepage. Ugh I just really dont want to copy and paste my navigation bar onto every page.

0x07 5 months ago

Hi! Getting back to homepage is trivial; a home page link/button? Breadcrumb navigation? So I'm pretty sure I don't understand your comment. By navigation bar you mean the left section of your home page? If so, do you want to *reuse* that section elsewhere or not?

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90sbatman 5 months ago

Hi, apologies for such a late response! And yes I did mean my left section.. I could just add "home" buttons to my pages but I also want things to be consistent if that makes sense.

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0x07 5 months ago

One technique you could use is to create a script (e.g. navbar.js) to spew your left section's HTML code on demand. It will allow you to centralize updates and have all the pages using it automatically benefit from it (or to be broken at the same time....) ;-p

0x07 5 months ago

To see the technique at work check Alicia's website and its navigation/header script -- It could be easier to use the backtick character to build your html code, though. e.g.

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