nasira na siya, bwisit

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just a reminder, i got this side site, aka my creative writing portfolio, that needs more attention than this plain personal site //
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ugh my dumbass deleted the update thing smh added new vent entry and added daily playlist to vent.html
30212 2 months ago

almost daily venting, what up. putting off ap lang homework bc that shit sucks. i NEED a BREAK.

30212 2 months ago

new vent entry.. added updates box. removed those annoying tooltip shit, sorry about that.

30212 2 months ago

i'm so fucking angry... i'm sorry.

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30212 2 months ago

overhaul, sorry for the spam.. don't know if i'll completely come back to this, but it's been on my mind, besides my portfolio ahaa..

hey guys, long time no see haha i have a side site/portfolio i'm working on rn, it isn't full yet but it has a couple of pieces up. go check it out if people still follow me >>
30212 3 months ago

and by a couple i mean two sdfgs

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