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1 week ago
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1080p-lemonade 1 week ago

i'm so proud of this doodle, that i'm going to put it on my empty art page

1080p-lemonade 1 week ago

now it's not empty

reasons to switch to linux: to get the true tux racer experience
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i played tux racer all day on accident
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joppiesaus 1 week ago

I can relate. I've never even finished the first cup of the campaign though. I'm terrible. Also there are a ton of versions of it but everyone of them is slightly different

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dude my knuckles are so dry they're like sandpaper
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1080p-lemonade 1 week ago

i bet i could actually sand down wood with my knuckles

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signalsolonset 1 week ago

Vaseline time.

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