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yo does anyone know of a language that can be compiled to html? just to make making and adding shit to my site redesign easier
1080p-lemonade 2 months ago

having to copy and paste my footer to multiple pages when i update it was exhausting as hell

vas 2 months ago

You could fetch dynamically with an iframe, e.g. If you don't like that, place something like %MUHFOOTER% on your source files and have a script or something replace it with your actual footer. Hell you could use the C preprocessor if you're super hipster.

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joppiesaus 2 months ago

I think what you're looking for is a simple static site generator. Unfortunately I don't really know any really simple static site generators. Jekyll is the only static site generator I have experience with, it's a bit of a ride to learn I think. Basically you create a page template with footer and title and stuff and then you create content for the subpages, and then using a command it will generate the site for you

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what if instead of
1080p-lemonade 2 months ago

i forgot what i was going to say and i'm pissed


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