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i should make another page like my "words of wisdom" page that's dedicated to collecting cringy comments on gorillaz-related videos on youtube
1080p-lemonade 2 days ago

i mean, that's MOST of the comments on gorillaz videos

1080p-lemonade 2 days ago

so only the worst ones

strata 2 days ago

"back when music was actually good"

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1080p-lemonade 2 days ago

i onyl have a small handful of quotes/comments now but oh my god i am dying of second-hand embarassment

hmm... i make a post on moonview... and then you follow... coincidence???
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oh my god, i have no concept of time
1080p-lemonade 1 week ago

like 4+ hours went by and it felt like, fuck i dunno, three minutes? or something

websitering 1 week ago

That can happen when you're on the computer. Running electricity through silicone must create a time warp. ;)

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